Weird, everyone’s PMSing (mostly the older ones in the house). Probably midlife crisis. Tsk tsk. Makes me wanna do this:

cigarette smoke

I apologize. It just stresses me when people are being so fucking annoying when I’m zen.

Anyhow, I know I haven’t been posting as much as I want to. There’s a time in a troll’s year wherein it procrastinates a lot. Right now is that time of year. I can’t even fucking appreciate anything I used to appreciate. Blah. It seems less amusing to me right now. But, hey, I might get my mojo back this week (because it’s cousin time with my cousins). Pray for that.

P.S. Trish, have you heard your boyf Taylor Lautner was on 3 dates with Selena Gomez?



Shit. Believe it or not, I made a twitter. I’m not going to apologize for it. I made it out of curiosity. Woot woot or foot foot? Either way, I don’t care. (Hey, BFF of mine! Make one, please? Hahaha)

First rule is..


Ah, I feel so lethargic. Well, not really lethargic, but you get the idea. It’s summer, it’s so humid because it’s raining (in summer?), and I’ve been running out of ideas. That’s why I’m starting to watch online movies (and I have a looooong list of must-see films). I haven’t watched half of what’s in the list, and I think I’ve already watched everything. It’s just so boring to look at how slow it loads (and I want to see a movie without any interruptions).

Right now, I’m watching Jackass Number 2 (yes, I like the show and the movies very much). They make my cheeks hurt and run out of breath. And I watched Fight Club (again) and Almost Famous (again) because they are just so fucking awesome. Two of my favorite films.

Almost Famous

Fight Club

YES, I’m boring and uncool. And this is my happy place.

I may not be a Twitterer, but to cure my boredom, I’m  reading Tweets from random celebrities. It’s interesting that they have the time to tweet amidst their busy lives. Oh well, I’m still not going to tweet. I promise.

I dreamt of my best friend last night. In it, she rescued me from totally beating up a classmate of mine in college (though, I forgot who it was) and we rode a car, and she drove it. Oh, the way she was driving was like Fast & Furious type of driving. Seriously.

– I’m still laughing my ass off after all these years.

Numb thumb


It’s the 18th of April here (17th for the Westerners), and that means Coachella. COACHELLA! 😦

I am so disappointed that I live here in Asia while the others are in frickin’ Coachella right now. Goddamn.

Well, I don’t really have anything else to say, except that I smell like a rotten rose. I don’t know why. And, Christ, cockroaches are flying about here in our house. Blech!

la la laby Terry Richardson

I don’t have gay tendencies, but I love the energy of same-sex action in photographs. Thank you.




I am bored as fuck.

It’s summer here in our counrty, and Jesus, global warming is getting on my nerves. But that would only make me a hypocrite, since I’m human and humans are responsible for the shiteous phenomenon that’s happening right now. Well, I’m no environmentalist, so I should just put up with this heat. I just want the cold, that’s all.

Ooh, ooh! Guess this cutie.. (hint: You’re insane, ******* ****)

guess who

Bleh, see.. I’m totally bored.

vintage Cole & Luke

At first, I was all, “What the eff? Vintage Cole (Mohr) and Luke (Worrall)?!” But then, of course, I realized it was just a j0ke. But this is too funny for me to pass.

Cole and Luke

Mrs Cole Worrall hahahatFS

No, really. IT SHOULD BE LIKE THIS. Not future Mrs Kelly Worrall.