Numb thumb


It’s the 18th of April here (17th for the Westerners), and that means Coachella. COACHELLA! 😦

I am so disappointed that I live here in Asia while the others are in frickin’ Coachella right now. Goddamn.

Well, I don’t really have anything else to say, except that I smell like a rotten rose. I don’t know why. And, Christ, cockroaches are flying about here in our house. Blech!

la la laby Terry Richardson

I don’t have gay tendencies, but I love the energy of same-sex action in photographs. Thank you.


Paco Peregrin



the blood show


all photos by Paco Peregrin

I like how he makes a certain color in photos stand out and makes everything pale (what is it with me and pale?).

vintage Cole & Luke

At first, I was all, “What the eff? Vintage Cole (Mohr) and Luke (Worrall)?!” But then, of course, I realized it was just a j0ke. But this is too funny for me to pass.

Cole and Luke

Mrs Cole Worrall hahahatFS

No, really. IT SHOULD BE LIKE THIS. Not future Mrs Kelly Worrall.



My other girl crush (apart from Natalie Portman, see 4 posts below this). Hey, straight girls have their girl crushes, too.

She is absolutely lovely. I especially love her strong features and her pale complexion (because I love pale complexion). Obviously, I can’t think of more things to say about her, but that she’s so beautiful.

Coco Rocha

Coco Rocha

Coco Rocha

(all photos from Coco Rocha’s official site)

Hoker Face


Lately, I’ve been deprived of buying my local fashion magazines because, simply put, I’m broke. Though I managed to grab an April 2009 copy each of my 2 favorite local mags, Preview and MEGA (which are like Vogue, in a way), since I can’t find any magazines that aren’t ostentatious.

As I browsed through the Preview ed for their cover girl, Belle Daza, channeling Lady GaGa (as usual, that’s not new), I noticed they used a pair of familiar sunglasses on her, as seen on the photo below:

Belle Daza sunglasses

Then, I remembered where I saw those familiar sunglasses..

photo by George Wellmans

(by George Wellmans for CHILLIMEDIA, from GoSee)

Okay, they may not have the same color, but they do look like they were made by one designer/artist. I’m determined to find out who made these. Very ’80s, don’t you think?

In other non-related news, I can’t wait ’til my cousins sleep over, because we’re gonna do some major DIY to our old clothes and accessories, and thrift for some, so as we won’t have to be stuck with the same old shit we once thought of throwing away. I hope it goes well; I’m pretty psyched about it.



natalie(by Mert Alas & Marcus Pigott in Vanity Fair, from Flickr)

Natalie Portman(by Mert Alas & Marcus Pigott in Pop Magazine, from Flickr)

My favorite actress. Not only is she talented but she’s hands-down beautiful, that it makes me cry.


This is how I would like to look when I’m dead in my coffin, and there’d be a big chance I’d rest in peace. *knocks on wood*

The shift of my nocturnal self has begun, since it’s 1:45 Ante Meridiem. If I keep this up, I’d surely look like the girl in the photo plus hideous eyebags.