Weird, everyone’s PMSing (mostly the older ones in the house). Probably midlife crisis. Tsk tsk. Makes me wanna do this:

cigarette smoke

I apologize. It just stresses me when people are being so fucking annoying when I’m zen.

Anyhow, I know I haven’t been posting as much as I want to. There’s a time in a troll’s year wherein it procrastinates a lot. Right now is that time of year. I can’t even fucking appreciate anything I used to appreciate. Blah. It seems less amusing to me right now. But, hey, I might get my mojo back this week (because it’s cousin time with my cousins). Pray for that.

P.S. Trish, have you heard your boyf Taylor Lautner was on 3 dates with Selena Gomez?


2 Responses to “ASDFGHJKL;’”

  1. Tarish Says:

    NO FUCKING WAY?! LINOKO NIYA AKOOOOO. THAT DOG! HMP. LOL. Feel na feel ko. :)) Anyway, may bago nanaman ako eh. KIM BUM FTW! 😀

    • Bee Says:

      HAHAHA. I knew it! :)) Yea, Kim Bum ka na lang. Cute rin naman sya e. Haha! I misssss you :<

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