First rule is..


Ah, I feel so lethargic. Well, not really lethargic, but you get the idea. It’s summer, it’s so humid because it’s raining (in summer?), and I’ve been running out of ideas. That’s why I’m starting to watch online movies (and I have a looooong list of must-see films). I haven’t watched half of what’s in the list, and I think I’ve already watched everything. It’s just so boring to look at how slow it loads (and I want to see a movie without any interruptions).

Right now, I’m watching Jackass Number 2 (yes, I like the show and the movies very much). They make my cheeks hurt and run out of breath. And I watched Fight Club (again) and Almost Famous (again) because they are just so fucking awesome. Two of my favorite films.

Almost Famous

Fight Club

YES, I’m boring and uncool. And this is my happy place.


4 Responses to “First rule is..”

  1. Tarish Says:

    Shit, I’m so curious about that Almost Famous movie. Tell me about it!!

  2. Bee Says:

    It’s about a young rock journalist touring with an upcoming band, then he falls in love with a Band-Aid (para bang groupie). You should watch it. I recommend it to you. Promise, it’s worth it. :p

  3. Tarish Says:

    Okay, okay. Eh where? Haha! Recommend me a site too! Hihi!

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