Beating up classmates


I may not be a Twitterer, but to cure my boredom, I’m  reading Tweets from random celebrities. It’s interesting that they have the time to tweet amidst their busy lives. Oh well, I’m still not going to tweet. I promise.

I dreamt of my best friend last night. In it, she rescued me from totally beating up a classmate of mine in college (though, I forgot who it was) and we rode a car, and she drove it. Oh, the way she was driving was like Fast & Furious type of driving. Seriously.

– I’m still laughing my ass off after all these years.


2 Responses to “Beating up classmates”

  1. Tarish Says:

    WOW, I like the Trish better in your dream than the Trish in reality! I wish I could be like her! Hihi. I love you, sibbie! I’ll try my very best to beat someone for you if ever you get yourself in trouble! HAHA. I miss you!

  2. Bee Says:

    Aww you don’t have to be like her, ‘cos I already like the way you are in reality. HAHA. I love you, sibbie!

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